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Vibo Valentia

albergolabussola en places-to-visit 026 Ideal for enjoying an experience far from the sea immersed in the Calabrian hinterland and surrounded by local culture. Vibo Valentia is a historic city where palaces and churches alternate in the streets of the old town that climb the hill until you reach the Norman Castle.
History lovers will find something to suit their taste at the Archaeological Museum located inside the Castle, where many Greek-Roman and medieval artefacts are on display.
Vibo Valentia is also the ideal destination for those who want to go shopping.
On the way to Vibo Valentia, you could stop at many locations. At the Hotel La Bussola we recommend Marina di Briatico with its Saracen tower and Vibo Marina, famous for its delightful commercial, tourist and fishing port.

Reggio Calabria

albergolabussola en places-to-visit 026 Founded by the Chalcidans in the 8th century BC and in the 6th-5th century BC, it experienced its period of greatest splendour under the Roman Empire.
During the Middle Ages, this city was much contested over by Byzantines, Saracens and Normans, passing first under the rule of the Angevins and then under that of the Aragonese.
Through the centuries, the city has suffered many difficult moments, first the destruction by the Turks, then an earthquake and finally the Second World War. The city, however, has always been able to recover, showing a combative spirit and flourishing again in the areas of agriculture, industry and trade and ultimately tourism.
Reggio Calabria is famous for its particular placement on the tip of the Italian boot. The promenade of Matteotti has been described by D'Annunzio as the most beautiful kilometre in all of Italy. The city has been preserved in churches, buildings and ancient palaces, and they serve as precious evidence of its history that make it a place of high artistic value. In some parts of the seafront, you can still admire the Greek walls dating back to the fourth century BC.
Not to be missed are the National Museum, which is endowed with archaeological collections of finds from all over the region, and the Cathedral of S. Maria della Consolazione, which houses an icon of the Virgin Mary, much revered and beloved by the local population.

Religious itinerary Spilinga "Madonna delle Fonti"

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About the founding of the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Fonti, which is located in Spilinga, a beautiful legend is told that for years has been handed down orally from generation to generation.
The legend recounts an apparition of the Madonna to an old peasant woman called Ciciresjia, in which the Virgin asked her to look for her statue and to have a sanctuary erected in the place where it was found.
The woman at first ignored this request that occurred in her sleep, but the next day, going to the fountain to wash her clothes, she saw the statue of the Madonna and later, with her eyes, she also encountered a beautiful cave, an ideal place for the construction of the sanctuary.
Since then, this beautiful cave, already an ancient hermitage surrounded by water wells, has become one of the main pilgrimage destinations of the local population. This place is not known to most but much loved by the faithful Calabrian.

Every year on May 21st a procession in honour of the Madonna della Fonti starts from the Sanctuary, the statue is taken from the cave to the city where it is then exhibited all day at the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista.
In the evening, the Blessed Mother is taken back to the Shrine through a large torchlight procession from the city centre.

Cultural itinerary for the rock village in Zungri

albergolabussola en places-to-visit 026 Zungri is an agricultural village located in the province of Vibo Valentia. Its fame is due to the fact that the village features most ancient houses that have been carved directly into the rock, and that it is located in a panoramic position right above the sea. The town is located at 571 metres above sea level and this height provides a full view of the coast.
The cave settlement of the Sbariati is located on the edge of the town centre and bears witness to an ancient world that still exists and lives through these architectural remains and through the finds kept inside the museum dedicated to this cave civilization. A visit to this village is very picturesque.
Descend along a road that lies close to the rock face until you are immersed in a very special natural setting. Here the Basilian monks, coming from the East, settled to escape the Arab raids that took place on the coast, building houses in the rock and inventing a particular mode of living that allowed them to survive on that site. In the XII-XIV century, the village consisted of at least 100 cave dwellings with unicellular and bicellular spaces.
The layout of the village, which is still visible today, shows us how they organised the construction of this village. First of all, there were the underground houses, hypogea, followed by the epigeic houses above ground, meanwhile the roads were made up of paths and stairways that were carved into the rock starting from the mountain and down to the valley.

The beauty and genius of these buildings leads us to marvel at the creative talent of these people, so distant to us in time, yet they were able to devise a plan from zero to create a social and urban model to live in.
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